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Hunterdon Music Has a Full Service Repair Shop

Our repair technicians have over 35 years of experience repairing all types of instruments.

We repair guitars, banjos, mandolins, ukuleles, stringed orchestra instruments, brass and woodwinds.

Examples of common repairs that we perform include the following:

Orchestra Strings:
- Repair pegs, nuts, strings, soundposts, and bridges.
- Fix cracks and separated seams.
- Re-hair and repair bows.

Guitars / Mandolins / Banjos / Ukuleles / etc...:
- Set-ups
- Repair / re-fit nuts, bridges, saddles, strings, frets, and tuners.
- Adjust / straighten neck.
- Repair electronic pick-ups, outputs, and tremolos.

- Repair valves, slides, and dents.
- Cleaning, service, and flush.

- Replace pads, regulate keys, repair bent keys, and replace corks.

Please bring your instrument to our store.